A Wintery Check In

The kids are both taking a nap.  At the same time!  So I thought I’d write a nice, long, rambly post.


C. and Bullet enjoying the snow


The snow has almost melted.  There are only a few patches in the fields that get sun.  Although the North-facing fields and the woods are still covered.  I hope it snows again.  The ground is so… brown.  If it’s going to be cold, it might as well be pretty.  Besides, I’m not ready for Spring yet.  I have too much planning to do!

This year we are going to try a “traditional” (boring) garden in rows.  Two years ago I had a potager type garden.  It was great!  It had pretty little paths and flowers and vegetables were all intertwined.

C. in the garden, 2013

C. in the garden, 2013

But this year my husband wants to do a row garden.  And if he’s going to do the tilling, then he can go right ahead.  Besides, I really need to focus on the garden beds around the house.  They are dismal.  Speaking of flowers and vegetables and such, I found this great idea for organizing seeds!  You use a binder with card holders.  Like for trading cards.  I wonder if we have some laying around somewhere…

Which brings me to my next topic: the office.  We have a three bedroom house, and we turned one of the bedrooms into the office.  (How we are going to fit 4 kids here, I don’t know.  If they are all boys, they can share a room for a while.)  Anyways, the office is beautiful.  It has a built in desk and a filing cabinet and a closet.  And where am I right now?  My kitchen table.  Which is not located in the office.  Does anybody actually work in their office?  Or is it just a place to file papers?  I’m not sure what to do to make it more work-friendly.  But to start, I am de-cluttering it.

I am actually pretty good at decluttering.  I can throw out stuff with the best of them.  But I have found that I have some weak spots:

  • Empty Jars – what is this about?  Why would I need a million empty jars?  I wouldn’t.  And…
  • Office Supplies

Oh office supplies, how I love thee!  I used to LOVE the beginning of school.  Getting fresh new notebooks and binders!  Pretty pens and pencils!  I mean, whenever I get overwhelmed with life, I visit a Staples or an Office Depot, like my whole life will fall into place if I can just find the right planner.

So you see my problem.  I have a closet full of envelopes, 3 boxes of cds, and 2 million notebooks.  Ok, that may be an exaggeration… one million notebooks.  On the plus side, I got rid of a computer.  It was old and broken and had no harddrive, but it was still hard to get rid of it.  This must be how hoarders feel about their junk.  Now I slightly understand how they can’t throw out used plastic forks.

But I did get rid of some stuff.  And next is to go through the cds/dvds.  I really should throw them all out.  We don’t even own a dvd player for goodness sakes!  My children won’t even know what a cd is.

Speaking of… we are in the midst of potty training.  (A bit of an abrupt transition, I admit.)

I believe I am a patient person.  I tend to keep my cool and not yell or freak out.  But there is something SO frustrating about potty training.

Note the TP on the floor.

Note the TP on the floor.

You can lead a kid to a toilet, but you can’t make them poop.

I have spent waaaay too much time in the bathroom this week.  And I have learned the following:

  1. The bathroom has too many distractions.  What I really need is a hole in the ground in an empty room.  Because potty time becomes “play with the shower doors time” or “play with the closet door time” or “unroll the toilet paper and flush the toilet time”.  And our bathroom is not big enough to position the potty out of reach of these temptations.  And even if it were, it would still be “play with my wee wee time”.
  2. Children can simultaneously Hold their bodily functions and Not Hold their bodily functions.  This is beyond me.  If you are not near the toilet, they may need to pee RIGHT NOW.  But if you catch them in the act and throw them on the toilet in a mad dash, they stop and hold it FOREVER.  This is confusing.  Pick one.  Be consistent in your potty ways.
  3. Potty stand-offs are emotionally draining.  For me. “You are staying in there until you go!” Seems to weigh on me way more than on him.

But I think we are making progress.  And there’s no turning back.  We are currently out of diapers, and I’m not buying more.

So that seems long enough.  Dinner tonight is crockpot tortellini soup with spicy deer sausage and semi-homemade bread.  Til next time!

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