I’m baaaack!!

I haven’t updated this website in months.  Months!  Life didn’t stop… no no.  But instead of going back in time and trying to fill in the missing months (sounds stressful), I’m just going to pick back up in the here and now.

This past week has possibly been “The Best Week Ever” for C.  We checked out the tractor auction down the road:


IMG_2889 IMG_2892And we went on a train ride…

IMG_2906 IMG_2922

where the train was attacked by outlaws!

And not so great, really devastating actually (but we didn’t know how devastating at the time): the farm we were once a part of had a barn fire.  A huge barn fire.



So lots of firetrucks… which we watched… in the rain:


So there you have it.  Tractors, trains, and firetrucks!

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