My Phone Addiction

My phone died.  Like, for real.  Not coming back.  It actually had a near-death experience a couple weeks ago. We were in Texas for my parents’ Christmas and it just turned off and wouldn’t turn back on.  At first, I was horrified.  What if people are calling me? What super important texts am I missing?  Then, I started enjoying being phone-free.  I was more present.  I was more relaxed.  After a few days I didn’t have the urge to “check-in” with my phone.

This is great! I thought.  When I get a new phone, I will continue on this way.  I will be more hands-free.

Then my phone made a miraculous recovery.  And I found out how bad my addiction was.  I went right back to checking it ALL THE TIME.  A few seconds of peace?  Time to check Facebook, or Gmail, or ANYTHING.  (For the record… in the week without my phone, I only missed 1 call – from GoDaddy. And maybe 2 texts.)

I didn’t learn my lesson.  So the Universe helped me out and killed my phone again.  Thanks Universe.  No, seriously.

I will eventually get a new phone.  But not for a while.  I’m going to enjoy being hands-free until I think I can control myself.  Because technology is a good thing – as long as you use it responsibly.  And apparently I can’t… yet.

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