SAHM Goals – the struggle is real

So I’ve been feeling a bit… lost… lately.  Or something.  I’m beyond busy, but I don’t feel very happy about the things I’m doing.  I am accomplishing things, but it still feels empty.  So I did what I love to do: thought about it.  And thought about it.  And thought some more.  And what I came up with is the following:

I have daily activities, and short term projects, but a distinct lack of long term goals.

So I did the other thing I always do: I googled.  And I ran across a site I’ve been to before, the Suburban CEO.  And then I did what she suggests.  I thought about my big goals.  And this is what I came up with (not in order):

  1.  be financially independent
  2. own/operate a farm (a fun one, like Hubers. with baked goods and canned fruits)
  3. visit Germany and Ireland every other year
  4. raise bilingual children
  5. see family whenever we want and create strong family ties
  6. have a great relationship with my husband
  7. learn more languages (Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese, etc)

Then I broke them down into smaller goals:

be financially independent
– learn regular trading
– learn options
– other revenue sources (online)

own/operate a farm
– buy land
– fruit trees
– berries
– flowers
– veggies
– animals

visit Germany and Ireland every other year
– look for good deals
– research and plan
– make $ (see above)
– work on language (see below)

raise bilingual children
– only speak German before 10:30am
– books
– movies

create strong family ties
– see SIL more
– see inlaws more
– more interaction with brother and soon-to-be-SIL
– keep in touch with extended family

have a great relationship with my husband
– the obvious
– be sexier (may be a mindset)
– go places together
– have FUN together

learn more languages
– learn with classes
– read books
– watch movies

So then I’m supposed to come up with goals for 3 months, 2 months, this week, and tomorrow.  These are my 3 month goals:

  • finish my investools class and practice with $10,000 fake money
  • plan garden and till
  • make a vision board of Germany and Ireland
  • See SIL 2x/month and inlaws 2x/month
  • dress up
  • speak only German before 9am

Hopefully I follow through.  I LOVE to plan.  Follow my plan?  Not as fun.

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