Summer Rolls, Caramel Chicken, and Bean Brownies

So every Monday my friend, “D”, and her son, “F” come over for food and play.  We pick random recipes on Pinterest and try them out. It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to Mondays every week! This Monday we made a couple of different things:

Summer Rolls

No recipe needed.  Just get some wrappers and some veggies and you’re set!

summer rolls

We used:

  • avocado
  • red cabbage
  • red bell pepper
  • carrots (from the garden… still going strong!)
  • peanuts
  • mint (also still growing even though it’s almost January!)
  • cilantro
  • lettuce
  • vermicelli noodles

Here is a gratuitous picture of some mint:


Mint… in late December

Back to the summer rolls.  To make: just fill a pot with water and heat it up.  Then dip the wrappers in and turn:

Look at that technique!

Look at that technique!

Put it on a wet paper towel and fill with veggies.  Then roll it up.  But don’t forget the most important part… the Peanut Sauce!!

I use the peanut sauce from this recipe.  I use it in many different recipes.  It is so good. D said she wanted to “take a bath in it”.  It’s that good.  And I’ve tried many different peanut sauce recipes.  This one is the best.  There ya go.

So you could use any vegetables you wanted.  You could even add meat or tofu, if you felt so inclined.  D and my husband were also squirting lime juice and sriracha sauce in theirs.  Whatever’s clever.

I need to work on my food photography.. and my summer roll wrapping skills.

I need to work on my food photography.. and my summer roll wrapping skills.

Caramel Chicken

I am trying to be vegan/vegetarian.  However, my family is not.  And I’m not completely there yet.  So we also made some chicken using this recipe.  Let me warn you… this website has way to many ads and goes sooooo slowly.  But the recipe was good.  It sounds weird.  Like it shouldn’t taste good.  But it does.

totally blog-worthy picture. Note the PB+J the kids ate.

totally blog-worthy picture. Note the PB+J the kids ate. Caramel chicken on the left… what’s left of it.

and last, but not least…

Black Bean Brownies

We also made brownies.  Who doesn’t like brownies?  Nobody, that’s who.  So these are bean brownies and they are vegan and gluten free.  So they were disgusting.

Just kidding!  Haha!  They actually tasted really good.  The kids liked them, we liked them, but the husband did not like them because they were vegan and he hates everything vegan.  And because they had dark chocolate.

We used this recipe.  But I added some sugar and I used a whole bag of chocolate chunks.  And we used oat flour that we had on hand.  1 cup.

So another Pinterest Monday goes down in the books as a success!

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