The blog I want to read

So I’ve been reading mommy blogs.  Tons of them.  Searching for the perfect blog.  The blog that shares the life I want to lead.  Then I realized… nobody has the life I want.  Nobody… except me.  So I am going to write my own blog.  My blog about my life.  And I will read it.  I am my target audience.  An audience of one.

I know a few things about blogging.  I’ve had blogs purely for profit and blogs for businesses.  I am currently in charge of eight websites, two of which are mine.  This blog is different from all of them, because this blog is about my life.  Whatever I want to write about, with no thought to profit or clients or, gasp, readers.  So no comments.  So there.

  • No comments
  • Pictures only when I feel like it
  • No rules

So here’s to the blog I’ve been waiting for.  The blog about my life.  Cheers!

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