Vegan Eats

  • Here is a list of some vegan websites (and websites with some vegan recipes) for reference.  And also some recipes I’ve tried.

Oh She Glows

The Vegan 8

– vegan and gluten free


– I need to peruse the recipes.  There is a section for vegetarian with some vegan recipes.

  • Pasta Salad with Basil Vinaigarette – This was so good I had to make it twice in a row for people.  I added a lot more basil and made more vinaigarette than it calls for.  Use good pasta.

Pinch of Yum

– I need to check out this site.

  • Bangkok Coconut Curry – Made this on a “Pinterest Monday” and have since made it a bunch of times.  Works well with other veggies added.


– vegan recipes, obviously.

Host the toast

– has a small vegan section.

Ceara’s Kitchen

– has vegan and gluten free recipes

  • Pumpkin Black Bean Brownies – these were good. I didn’t think they would be, but they were.  Even the kids loved them.  I added some sugar (to taste) and a whole bag of dark chocolate chunks. When we ate them, they weren’t really set – more like mousse.  But the following day they had a consistency of fudge. Definitely make sure the beans are ALL squished and everything is well mixed. Otherwise you will get some really good bites and some really beany bites.

Produce on Parade

– vegan recipes

Chef Chloe

– I need to try the sweets!!


– Pri’s website.  Indian and Italian (and more) recipes

And some more recipes:

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